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  • EXV-SF 14-20 High Lift Stackers

    Power meets innovation

    • Load capacity : 2000 kg
    • Lift height : max. 6066 mm
  • Electric Stacker PSX16 1600kg

    Productivity and ergonomics for heavy-duty operation and lift heights upto 5800 mm

    Foldable driver’s platform and side safety guards
    Optionally with lithium-ion battery
    Capacity: 1600 kg

    The CLARK PSX16 pallet stacker offers everything needed for a demanding industrial application. With servo steering as standard, an optional side battery removal system and a battery capacity of up to 500 Ah, this electric high lift truck offers everything needed for a demanding industrial application.

  • Electric stacker WSXD20 2000kg


    Pedestrian-operated machine – multi-purpose vehicle
    Capacity: 2000 kg

    The WSXD20 is a multi-purpose vehicle that combines the features of a low lift pallet truck and a stacker into one. This characteristic is beneficial in particular in activities such as loading and unloading commercial trucks, quickly transporting pallets, and storing goods at a lift height of up to 3900 mm.

  • Electric stacker WSX12/14 1200 / 1400 kg


    Pedestrian-operated machine
    Capacity: 1200 / 1400 kg

    The WSX12/14 stacker optimizes material flow with its AC drive technology and the CLARK SpeedControl (CSC). Compact dimensions ensure safe handling even in applications with a narrow aisle widths. In addition, the safety function CLARK SpeedControl (CSC) automatically adjusts the speed when loads are lifted, depending on the tiller position, and thus improves safety during operation.

  • Electric stacker WS10M(i) / WS10 1000kg

    Ideal for light applications or as a mobile work table

    Mono-Mast or Standard-Mast
    With optional initial lift / lithium-Ion battery
    Capacity: 1000 kg

    The WS10M and WS10Mi are the entry-level models in the high lift truck range. Ideal for transport over short distances or can also be used as a mobile work table. The mono-lift trucks have a maximum load capacity of 1000 kg. This makes the high-lift trucks ideal helpers in a wide range of applications.

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