WSX14 – Lithium Ion, Walkie Reach Stacker

The WSX14 is suitable for industrial applications with a 1.4t capacity. They prove their worth wherever goods have to be transported over short distances.


The WSX14 is the perfect walkie stacker for industrial applications. It delivers on performance and productivity rather than elaborate features. Wherever goods have to be transported over short distances and in medium intensity applications the WSX14 is ideal.

The Speed Control System is made for easier manoeuvring in confined working areas. If the tiller is close to the chassis the maximum driving speed is automatically reduced. The centrally mounted tiller and the good visibility of the fork tips guarantee ergonomic and safe operation.

  • Mast options to 4.8m (other options available)
  • CLARK Speed Control System
  • Centre mounted tiller
  • 24v / 205 Ah battery
  • Protection screen
  • Nominal load capacity to 1400kg
  • Optional straddle arm widths


Powered by Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Powerful Lithium-Ion technology results in a long lasting, light weight and maintenance free battery.
  • Opportunity charging
  • Low maintenance


Rapid Charge & Battery Change

  • The internal charger can be connected to a standard 240v power socket
  • Fast charging



  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
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