All New L20 Series L20/25/30/33 – Diesel

The L20 Series CLARK Forklift is built on over 100 years engineering experience. Designed for simple, intuitive operation and cost effectiveness, the L20 Series is the newest IC Forklift in Clark’s Built to Last Range!


SIMPLE Maintenance and Parts

The XinChai engine with simple technology makes the L20 Series easy to service.

No computer diagnostic systems required.

An absence of elaborate electronic functionality improves reliability.

Easily sourced components makes replacing parts easy and improves serviceability.

Cowl Q-Code for easy scan to reference manuals from your mobile phone (do not operate the vehicle whilst using your phone)


INTUITIVE Design and Operation

The L20 Series is designed for intuitive operation with easy reach cowl mounted hand brake and levers.

A simple, streamlined dashboard makes the L20 Series easy to operate and to stay on top of performance through intuitive indicator lights and dials. With its front and centre location an operator can check their dashboard without distracting from safe operation.

The CLARK L20 Series boasts modern aesthetics and a high level of ergonomics with ample operator foot and head space.



The CLARK L20 Series is packed with value which continues to provide cost benefits throughout the life of the forklift.

Boasts a proven XinChai engine, parts are cost effective and well supported across the world.

Other key components are simple and easy to source including common parts with the extensive range of CLARK Forklifts.

Computer based diagnostic tools are not required, lowering the cost of maintaining your forklift.

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