LXW 20/30 – Electric Tractor and Platfrom Truck

Efficiency in action

  • Towing  capacity : 6000 Kg
  • Load capacity : 3000 kg
  • Speed : 23 km/h

Efficiency in action:

an extensive truck portfolio, wide range of modular equipment options and impressive performance. The LXT 120/350 and LXW 20/30 tractors and transport vehicles are impressive even in rough environments and prove that efficiency and top performance can be perfectly combined. The DSR (Descent Speed Regulation) assistance system even takes your handling capacity to a new level: As soon as you reach a slope, the truck determines the exact tilt angle, takes into account the current load weight and automatically adjusts the speed to the current conditions. The result: with towing loads of up to 35 tonnes, you can adapt to any situation while moving as quickly as possible at the same time!

The tractors and transport vehicles can Descent Speed Regulation be charged quickly and easily without opening the cover thanks to the quick charging socket or on-board charger. However, this is surprisingly rarely necessary thanks to its impressive energy efficiency. When in use, the smart STILL Easy Control on-board computer is your control centre. The large display provides an overview of all the relevant information, while functions such as various driving programmes are activated by the click of a button. And as if the prospect of a safe, smart and speedy goods flow weren’t enough to tick your boxes, just wait until you’ve tried out the comfortable ergonomics and dynamic driving experience.

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