Electric four-wheel forklift GEX20-30sL 2000 / 2500 / 3000 kg


Superelastic tyres
Capacity: 2000 – 3000 kg @ 500/600 mm LC

CLARK builds one of the best electric forklifts on the market with an ergonomic driving position for the operator, an easy operation concept and maximum visibility of forks and loads.


CLARK Electric Forklift GEX20 / GEX25 / GEX30(s)(L) 2000 – 3000 kg

Ergonomic and easy operation concept

  • Controlled driving due to easy vehicle operation
  • Automotive pedal layout
  • Easy entry due to low foot step
  • Entry and exit from both sides
  • Ergonomic positioning of the control levers on the hood
  • Optional: mini-lever control

Solution for narrow spaces

  • The vehicle length and aisle space needed basically equal those of a 2.5 t forklift
  • Due to its compact chassis, applications in particularly narrow spaces can be completed using the CLARK GEX30s

Heavy duty AC drive motor

The twin 7.8 kW traction motors with parallel front drive and 80 V three-phase AC technology lead to great acceleration and high final travel speed.

  • Enclosed motors
  • Few replacement parts
  • Overheat protection

Stable steering axle with 101° steering angle

  • Due to a 101° steering angle, the GEX20¬30L turns around almost on the spot just like a 3-wheel forklift

Speed regulation in curves

  • Automatic deceleration when cornering

Steering system

  • Depending on the steering angle, the speed and rotation of the front wheels are controlled ensuring low tyre wear

Robust upright and fork carriage structure

  • Maximum visibility
  • Nested rail profiles
  • Hydraulically damped lift cylinders
  • Low-noise lifting hydraulics
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Adjustable canted load rollers
  • Optimum load distribution
  • Robust 6 ¬roller fork carriage

Productivity and energy efficiency

  • Customized programming of truck operation
  • Maximum adjustment to suit each work situation
  • Large clear display
  • All settings and functions at a glance-adjustable without special software

Easy maintenance

  • The rear cover can be easily removed
  • Easy access for servicing
  • On-board diagnostics via error codes without sophisticated service tools

Cab program

  • The CLARK electric forklifts can be equipped with a comprehensive cab program Additional equipment
  • enables the operator to adjust the vehicle to various job conditions

CLARK Lithium-Ion Power: Costs Down – Power On

Modern lithium-ion technology in perfect combination with cost-efficient trucks and a wide range of additional optional equipment to customize the forklifts is only available from CLARK! It pays to switch to a counterbalance truck with a modern clean energy source. Thanks to ultra-fast charging times and zero maintenance, the lithium-ion forklifts can be used almost without a break. The power of the battery is always fully available, as lithium-ion batteries do not show any signs of fatigue. In addition, the service life of lithium-ion batteries is significantly longer than that of the lead-acid battery.

Make use of the advantages of CLARKs Li-Ion batteries

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery with 80V 560 Ah
  • Short charging time thanks to a 80 Volt (120 A) charger
  • Double service life and maintenance-free batteries
  • Opportunity charging is possible at any time
  • No battery change required
  • Various charging points can be installed directly where the unit is used, as no ventilated charging room is required

Lithium iron phosphate technology (LiFePO4)

CLARK batteries are based on the safe lithium-ion phosphate technology (LiFePO4). With LiFePO4 batteries, no oxygen is released during the chemical reaction within the cells. This means that there is no risk of spontaneous combustion or explosion of the battery. The battery consequently is very safe. Vehicles with lithium-ion phosphate batteries perform efficiently even in winter at low ambient temperatures and in summer.

The service life of the lithium-ion battery is at least twice as long as the lead-acid battery, up to 2500 charging cycles. Depending on the application, this can be potentially doubled. In light/medium applications, the battery can be used for in excess of 10 years.

CLARK Lithium-ion chargers for counterbalance trucks

The chargers supplied by CLARK have an extremely stable housing construction with wall bracket for easy mounting. An LED display informs the operator about the battery’s charge status. The connection to the charger is made via a charging cable, which is within easy reach on the vehicle battery.

Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)

The battery management system in the CLARK Li-Ion batteries communicates with the vehicle and the charger via a CAN bus interface. It informs the operator via display about the state of charge and the remaining runtime. In addition, the intelligent BMS ensures that the Li-Ion battery is neither deep discharged nor overcharged and thus contributes to a long battery life and efficient use of the industrial truck.

Intermediate charging

The Li-Ion battery can be opportunity charged without any problems, for example during breaks, without loss of capacity or damage to the battery. The battery cover does not have to be opened for this. The driver can connect the plug of the charger to the side of the Li-Ion battery. After only a short time, 50 % of the charge level is available again. Lead-acid batteries lose part of their capacity when not in use, during intermediate charging or when charging is interrupted. The complete charging process for counterbalance trucks with Li-Ion batteries is completed after approx. 3.5 hours, whereas it takes significantly longer for vehicles with lead-acid batteries.

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