Electric Stacker PSX16 1600kg

Productivity and ergonomics for heavy-duty operation and lift heights upto 5800 mm

Foldable driver’s platform and side safety guards
Optionally with lithium-ion battery
Capacity: 1600 kg

The CLARK PSX16 pallet stacker offers everything needed for a demanding industrial application. With servo steering as standard, an optional side battery removal system and a battery capacity of up to 500 Ah, this electric high lift truck offers everything needed for a demanding industrial application.


CLARK Electric high lift truck PSX16 1600 kg


  • High availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • No battery change necessary.
  • Saves costs due to longer life cycle and freedom from maintenance compared to lead-acid batteries.
  • No separate battery charging room and ventilation necessary, as no gases are generated.
  • Long operating times without the need for larger batteries and thus larger aisle widths are not required.


  • Battery and charger in the lithium-ion version are perfectly matched to each other
  • The 205 Ah battery capacity allows fast intermediate charges during breaks to achieve 24/7 truck availability.
  • The battery can be recharged at any 230 V socket. No high-voltage power connection is required.


  • Unchanged truck performance during the life cycle of the battery.
  • CLARK uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP), a safe cell chemistry that is also ecologically harmless.
  • The built-in battery management system ensures safe operation.
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