Lithium-Ion Low-lift Pallet Truck LWio15 1500kg

The LWio15 – powerful and cost-efficient

Electric lifting and driving
Load capacity: 1500 kg

The LWio15 is the perfect device to realise light transport tasks in industry, trade and logistics in an extremely cost-efficient way. The vehicle drives and lifts purely electrically.


CLARK Electric low lift truck LWio15 1500 kg with lithium-ion battery

Short charging times and opportunity charging

The LWio15 has a 24 V, 20 Ah Li-Ion battery as standard as well as a storage compartment in which a second battery can optionally be accommodated. The Li-Ion battery can be charged at any time, so that downtimes can be avoided.

Optional castor wheels

Optional side support rollers can improve the handling of the LWio15 when cornering by providing extra stability. The castor rollers are mounted on both sides of the low-lift truck. They prevent the truck from tipping over and thus increase safety when cornering. The use of side support rollers is particularly advantageous in applications where the truck has to transport heavy or high loads.

Ergonomic control with push-button for driving at crawl speed and with raised tiller

The ergonomic tiller on the LWio15 is an important component for safe use in confined spaces. A practical push-button allows the LWio15 to be steered easily and safely. This ensures more comfort and safety.

Whether you are travelling in narrow aisles or warehouses, you can manoeuvre safely.

Compact dimensions

The LWio15 low lift pallet truck is a compact and powerful pallet truck that is perfect for use in tight spaces and confined areas. With an L2 dimension of only 400 mm, it is ideal for taking along in the truck and is great for use in narrow work aisles. Its compact dimensions and power make it a valuable tool for use in logistics and trade.

Status display of the lithium-ion battery

The CLARK LWio15 has a clearly visible battery discharge indicator. This means that the driver can always see the current state of charge in order to start an intermediate charge in good time. If the pallet truck is equipped with two batteries, it is also possible to switch to the second battery to avoid downtimes.

Construction for up to two 24V 20Ah Li-Ion batteries

The CLARK LWio15 offers the choice of one 24 V 20 Ah Li-Ion battery or optionally two 24 V 20 Ah Li-Ion batteries for flexible use, especially for longer assignments. If you decide to use only one battery, a practical storage compartment is available instead of the second battery. This storage compartment can be used for the charger or other smaller items. A convenient and practical way to keep other utensils close at hand without increasing the space requirement of the low lift truck.

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