Ready Stock Unit

Ready Stock Unit

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EXU-S-24_Diagonale_scale0002_2ea88904b7Pallet Mover with Cabin : EXU S 22 (Max. Capacity 2,200 kg/Fork 670)

reach-trucks_FM-X_frontview_2Reach Trucks : FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700 kg/10,500mm/Triplex)

FM-X 17 Narrow Drive in (Capacity 1,700 kg/8,600mm/Triplex)

FM-X 17 Narrow Drive in (Capacity 1,700 kg/9,500mm/Triplex)

FM-X 17 Narrow Drive in (Capacity 1,700 kg/9,200mm/Triplex)



Pallet Mover with Platform : EXU 20 (Max. Capacity 2,000 kg/Max. Lift 130mm/FORK 1150/560)


Pallet Stacker : EXP -14 (Capacity 1,400 kg/Mast. 4,716mm/Triplex)


Pallet Mover : CiTi One (Max. Capacity 500 kg/Max. Lift 125mm)


Pallet Mover : ECH 12 (Max. Capacity 1,200 kg/Max. Lift 110mm/FORK 1150/685)


Platform Trucks: LTX 20 (Max. Drawbar Pull 2,000 kg/Battery 24V)


Three wheel electric counter balance : RX 50-15 (Triplex 4620mm/Capacity 1,500 kg)

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