New freedom when it comes to financing

The Total Flexible Contract from STILL includes contract types for the transfer of use (Leasing, Hire Basic Dynamic) and for the automatic transfer of ownership (Hire Purchase). If you want to change the contract type of a running contract – that isn’t a problem with the Total Flexible Contract from STILL.

It stands out because of its high flexibility, giving the ability to change. If your company circumstances change, then with the Total Flexible Contract you have freedom of choice, not only at the start of the contract but also after signing it.

Timing is decisive for many things in life. This also applies to STILL running time. more…

Basic Dynamic offers you, for the first time, a direct relationship between truck utilisation and truck costs. more…

Many customers go for Leasing – a medium to long term transfer of use. more…

Whether you want to acquire a single machine or a complete fleet – with trucks from STILL you will be making an investment for the future. more…

Hire purchase with STILL is an alternative for when you want the most uncomplicated process possible for your investment financing. more…



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    Open for Order Electric Reach Trucks FM-X 17N (Narrow/Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 8,600mm) FM-X 17N (Narrow/Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,500mm) FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 8,600mm) FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,200mm) FM-X 17N (Narrow/Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,200mm) FM-[read more]

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     Get the best price offer! Pallet Mover with Cabin : EXU S 22 (Max. Capacity 2,200 kg/Fork 670) Reach Trucks : FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700 kg/10,500mm/Triplex) FM-X 17 Narrow Drive in (Capacity 1,700 kg/8,600mm/Triplex) FM-X 17 Narrow Drive in (Capacity 1,700 kg/9,500mm/Triplex) FM-X 17 Narrow Driv[read more]