Spare Parts


STILL has developed a special diagnostic system (including the necessary diagnostic technology) which drastically reduces the testing process when fault finding. The essential basis for this innovative system is, and will remain, the great experience of our service engineers, and the direct flow of information from the factory service department to the technician on the spot, because that is where the famous STILL know-how is located, from which you can profit.


Experienced service engineers work out logical repair procedures for each sub-assembly in our trucks. From engines and motors through masts right up to the electrical components. This collective experience goes into the special STILL workshop manuals, which also includes testing and safety regulations.


Genuine STILL equipment is the product of years of experience and research, which is why you should not experiment when choosing spare parts, but should rely on original parts from STILL. Because: the accuracy of fit and the quality of STILL spare parts is checked so precisely and tested so thoroughly that a new truck could be built from them. STILL spare parts have many other benefits as well:

  • consistently high production line quality
  • strict quality checks
  • great functional reliability
  • assured product liability
  • comprehensive guarantees
  • always up to the latest design standards

Added to which, you have the certainty that all STILL spare parts comply with all statutory regulations and safety rules.


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    Open for Order Electric Reach Trucks FM-X 17N (Narrow/Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 8,600mm) FM-X 17N (Narrow/Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,500mm) FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 8,600mm) FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,200mm) FM-X 17N (Narrow/Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,200mm) FM-[read more]

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     Get the best price offer! Pallet Mover with Cabin : EXU S 22 (Max. Capacity 2,200 kg/Fork 670) Reach Trucks : FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700 kg/10,500mm/Triplex) FM-X 17 Narrow Drive in (Capacity 1,700 kg/8,600mm/Triplex) FM-X 17 Narrow Drive in (Capacity 1,700 kg/9,500mm/Triplex) FM-X 17 Narrow Driv[read more]