First Class Product

For more than 50 years STILL has filled people with enthusiasm about the development and manufacture of high grade industrial trucks with electric, diesel and LP gas drives.

Among many of STILL’s innovations, here are some technology highlights of STILL products :


The ultracaps of the RX 70 Hybrid store the kinetic energy released during (regenerative) auto – braking and provide a power boost of 8 kW when needed. This makes the RX 70 Hybrid the most economic truck of its class.

Diesel-Electric Drive

A diesel engine propels a generator which provides electric power to the truck’s electric drive motor. Thanks to this, the RX 70 models stand out with the longest ranger per filing.

Lateral battery change

The fast battery change, without the need for a crane, only takes a few moments, giving additional work safety in continuous multi-shift operation, is a standard in all STILL CBE (Counter Balance Electric) forklift trucks.

Automation – STILL iGo System

iGoSystems stands for complex automation solutions made up of serial production vehicles equipped with corresponding technology, navigation tools, route programming, project planning as well as setup and service. The quality of the iGoSystems production vehicles has proven itself again and again in a wide variety of automation projects.

Mission : Zero Emission :Powerful, efficient, eco-friendly

Environmental responsibility is a topic of ever growin importance in our society. Wheter diesel or electric forklift trucks, STILL offers already today powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly trucks for your individual range of use