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Electric Reach Trucks


FM-X 17N (Narrow/Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 8,600mm)

FM-X 17N (Narrow/Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,500mm)

FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 8,600mm)

FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,200mm)

FM-X 17N (Narrow/Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,200mm)

FM-X 17 (Capacity 1,700Kg/Rate lift 9,500mm)

Electric Pallet Mover


EXU 20 Li-Ion Battery (Capacity 2,000Kg)

EXU 20 (Capacity 2,000Kg)


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